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Let’s get back in time! This journey has started almost 10 years ago. The founder of Poké House started to gain experience at different sushi restaurants. He also owned one delivery and one all-you- can-eat restaurant. After so many years in the sushi industry, he was thinking about a new type of restaurant for Arnhem. He had been exploring what the city was missing with regard to fulfil the need for fast but healthy and delicious food. That is how the idea of Poké House was born! It is the first Hawaiian restaurant in Arnhem and around by bringing this concept to Arnhem. Poké House is a seafood shop dedicated to the traditional Hawaiian fresh fish dish, Poké.

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The best part about poké bowls is how creative you can get with it. Ahi tuna, or Salmon are some of the most common choices. Though raw fish is the most important ingredient in a poké bowl you can also swap it for Grilled Chicken, Shrimps or tofu as a vegan alternative. You can replace regular white rice for Salad or even mixed. Next, topping options are endless.


So, what is Poké?

Poké (pronounced “poh-kay”) means “to slice or cut” in Hawaiian as their fisherman often use offcuts of their catch to make a small bite. Originally, Poké consists of sushi rice, raw fish, and several different toppings served in a bowl. It could basically be described as "sushi" in a “bowl", and unlike sashimi where the fish is sliced into thin and long pieces, Poké is cut into thick cubes. This traditional Hawaiian dish has already been around for centuries.

The best thing about a Poké bowl is that you can be very creative with the ingredients. Firstly, for the base the options are regular white rice, salad, or even a mix of both of them. Secondly, the most important main ingredient in creating a Poké bowl is raw fish whereby ahi tuna, and salmon are among the most popular choices. Also, as means to provide alternatives it is possible to switch to grilled chicken or shrimps, or the vegan variant, tofu. Last but not least, the topping options are endless due to the extended range of available choices, for instance by adding some seaweed salad, tempura crunchy, and many other choices. Well, don’t be shy to be creative in designing your personal, exclusive Poké bowl!

Beside Poké bowls, Poké House also serve Sushirritos. This is derived from the Japanese sushi and the Mexican burrito and then turned into a hybrid form of those two. Sushirritos could be described as big "sushi" wraps with a filling of ingredients you desire, and you could consume it like a real burrito. So, this is what Poké House is about in a nutshell. We hope that you will love and enjoy the healthy and delightful, quick food!

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